Friday, May 4, 2012

Shaq Kisses Hoops On The Red Carpet

Hoopz and Shaq getting affectionate on the red carpet photo credit: In Flex We Trust

Shaq and Hoopz posing for the camera's

ifwt-shaq 2
Shaq and Hoopz pose for the camera

 Rumors have been sparked all over the internet concerning the relationship status of Shaquille "Shaq" Oneal, and Erika "Hoopz" Alexander's relationships status. Earlier last month rumors began to fly that the couple were no longer in tune, and were headed to splitzville. However, the photos captured above suggest that the couple is indeed just that;  STILL A COUPLE.  I was never one in jeopardy of believing that the couple had split; simply because this couple can't keep their hands off of each other. Don't take my word for it, just take a look at more photos of the couple. 

In Flex We Trust reports, 

"Shaq hosted a “C IF U Can Make Me Laugh” comedy contest, where he gave out $5000 to the contestants that made him laugh.  Well his prize was waiting in the audience, his girlfriend Hoopz! More proof that the rumors about them splitting up are untrue.  Check out the pics of these two engaging in some red-carpet-PDA!" 

Shaq and Hoopz Kissing Again photo credit: alleyezonwho

More Kissing footage of the pair via Sandra Rose

No couple laughs to this extent in unison and then head for splitzville. That looks like love to me. ijs.

This has got to be dangerous.

By now I'm sure you get my drift, these two are so different but so much alike. They look so happy, I guess by now people will stop hating on em. No, the hater's will continue to hate, that is just the way of the world. I wish them the best though. 

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