Thursday, May 17, 2012

Basketball Wive's Tami Roman Quits Twitter

Tami Roman photo credit: Eurweb

Fans did not take too nicely to Tami Roman's bullying behavior in the past weeks episode. Fan were furious with her and they are beginning to lash out directly at Tami via twitter. Tami was apparently a bit shaken by the comments and her fan base's behavior and has decided to delete her twitter account as a result. 

The last two episodes of VH1's the Basketball Wives depicts Tami Roman as a real bully. The aired footage features Tami being not so friendly to the cast's new comer Kesha. The last episode I can agree was a bit disturbing, as Tami actually takes Kesha's bag, refuses to give it back and demands an apology from Kesha along with a proper way to ask for her own belongings back. I thought this was ridiculous behavior. Nevertheless, I can't comprehend a grown woman being that afraid of another individual. It was pretty disturbing. 

According to StraightfromtheA,    

Tami Roman of VH1′s Basketball Wives can’t take the heat and decided to delete her Twitter account.
Fed up with the non-stop dragging she’d been receiving following her atrocious behavior on the last episode of Basketball Wives, Tami Roman deleted her Twitter account after angry fans began attacking her daughters.
Tami has 30 days to reactivate her account and not lose any followers.

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