Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ray J Is Hospitalized For Exhaustion

Ray J photo credit: Essence

Ray J. Norwood used to be most noted as Brandy's Brother but, these days Ray J. has become more than relevant, as he has been the source of many stories unfolding in the media to date. For starter's Ray J. will be forever remember as the Boyfriend, or the late Whitney Houston, at her untimely demise.  An just last year there was the infamous fight, that Ray J. engaged in with the Rapper Fabulous; We'll , now it seems that all of this stressful activity is weighing greatly on Ray J's health

Reports have surfaced that Ray J. has been hospitalized for exhaustion. Apparently, Ray J. had taken a trip to China, and pushed himself too hard, as he voiced how important it was for him to support Bobbi Kristina as she gave tribute to her mom, Whitney Houston at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. 

According to MTV,

"When Ray J attended the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night, he reportedly had a tense run-in with Whitney Houston's family. The following morning, he was hospitalized for exhaustion.
A representative for Ray J told CNN that he was rushed to the hospital Monday to be treated for exhaustion and jet lag after returning from a 32-hour business trip to China, where he performed a show and attended meetings. The singer apparently made a four-hour drive to Las Vegas upon his return to host a party for Prince Reigns Hair Serum, and he was later found in his hotel room "extremely disoriented" and "out of it."
Ray J's rep also made sure to point out that his hospitalization was not related to an incident that took place at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. Ray J, who dated Whitney Houston on and off for several years, was seated in the same section as the late singer's family, which sparked trouble. Whitney's sister-in-law Patricia Houston asked security to forcibly remove Ray J from the section, but he refused. "Pat ruined what was a great opportunity to honor the woman who I loved," Ray J said later.
There's been no word yet on when Ray J will be released from the hospital. Since Whitney Houston's death, he has been outspoken about his grief, admitting, "I really miss my friend, you know, I really do. I'm still hurting." On Sunday night, Houston was honored with Billboard's Millennium Award, which her daughter Bobbi Kristina accepted on her behalf, thanking fans for their support."

Ray J, is disputing that the run in with the family had nothing to do with his exhaustion. However, Ray J's fans and friends beg to differ.  Apparently Patricia Houston, is the ring this fiasco. Recently, I've reported that Whitney's mom, Sissy reveal that Patricia was in fact, culprit who sold Whitney's casket photo.  So it seems to me that she just want's to be out of the hot seat. The nerve of the Houston's Family, I think that their behavior is unacceptable and gives no regards to Bobbi Kristina. They were extremely rude and disrespectful to two men that Whitney cared a lot about when she was alive, Bobby Brown and Ray J.  Surely Whitney will be very displeased with their abrupt behavior now. 

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