Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love and Hip Hops Chrissy Lampkin, Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada, and RHOA's Kandi Buress Makes One Great Photo

Evelyn Lozada behind the scenes look photo credit: RealityTvFashion

It's a photo shoot guys, and look who's being captured. None other than the sexiest ladies of reality T.V.  Jimmy Jones', fiance'/ Love and Hip Hop Star Chrissy Lampkin, Basketball Wive's Evelyn Lozada, and Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Kandi Buress. These ladies looked fabulous as that have assisted in a great collaboration photo shoot. I guess the pregnancy rumors for Chrissy were just that, rumors, because she seems to look fabulously thin. It seems that she has thinned off a bit. I am also loving her new haircut, it has sort of a Rihanna feel. Both Evelyn and Kandi look fabulous, as usual. 

All three of these women are just as talented as they are beautiful. That seems evident, as it was reported last year that, Chrissy and Jimmy signed a $7.1 million clothing deal. Evelyn Lozada has endorsements and contracts everywhere, Let's see she is a reality star already on Basketball Wives, she has managed to land a spin-off that will feature her and her fiance' the very sexy Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, she has just landed a publishing deal for a book with Cash Money Records, not to mention she was already and entreprenuer; owner her very own upscaled shoe store. 

Kandi Buress and Evelyn Lozada photo credit: RealityTVFashion

Kandi Burgess is also a boss as she prefers. Kandi who is a well know recording artist; who was once a fourth of the pop group X-Scape, is know a full blown solo artist, and mega music producer. Kandi also owns, a recording studio, a clothing boutique, her very own sex toy store, both a radio show in syndication, and a spin-off from RHOA, to find the next talentless person and make them a star. This show only aired once, I'm not sure where the rating stand however, it is in production, it is call the Kandi Factory.  I say keep up the good work ladies, you inspire so many of us. 

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