Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ghost Face Killah Gets Dumped By Two Women

Ghost Face Killah and Kelsey Nykole  photo source: wetpaint

If you've not tuned in to Vh1's Couples Therapy, then you may want to do so. Now is not too late, as this season is extremely explosive.  Wu-tang's Ghost Face Killah reveals a deceptive love triangle on the show.

Apparently, Ghost Face made a decision to pursue the show with Kelsey, his girlfriend of the last two. While, this appeared to grand gesture on Ghost Face's behalf, he'd overlooked one really important factor- that factor just so happened to be his girlfriend of the last three years, Latrice.

The show got extremely intense when Kelsey blew up and stormed out of the room; before returning to reveal that he was a liar, and in fact playing the two of them for one another.

Check out this clip below, just in case you've missed something. 

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