Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bo Morrison: Another Unarmed Black Man Murdered With No Justification

Bo Morrison murdered without justification photo credit Global Grind

Your probably wondering, who is Bo Morrison? Bo Morrison was a 20 year old black man who, like Trayvon Martin, was unarmed, shot and killed in cold blood. 

Global Grind Reports,

"In the small Wisconsin town of Slinger many are drawing comparisons to Trayvon Martin, as another unarmed black teen was shot and killed under the “Castle Doctrine” - an outshoot of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. Authorities ruled the killing of Bo Morrison, 20, by a Slinger, Wisconsin homeowner justifiable through the state's Castle Doctrine Law enacted late last year.
The law allows homeowners facing imminent danger to their lives to protect themselves using deadly force if necessary.
According to county District Attorney Mark Bensen:
"Under a reasonable view of the evidence the homeowner acted reasonably in his use of force based on the facts and circumstances." 
In Bensen's report, homeowner Adam Kind said Bo attended a party in a garage adjacent to his house with about 20 young adults the night of the shooting.
Kind, 35, called police at about 1 a.m. on March 3rd, complaining of loud music coming from a car parked in his neighbor's driveway. He pounded on the window of the car and asked a woman inside to turn down the music. She refused, the report said.

Police contacted the father of the girls who were hosting the party and after he arrived, he kicked in the garage door and told everyone to leave.
As the commotion ensued, Bo ran to Kind’s porch and hid. Kind retrieved a handgun after he heard noises on his porch, loaded the handgun, went to the porch and confronted Bo, who was wearing dark clothing.
Kind fired one shot as Bo walked toward him, then yelled for his wife to call 911, the report said.
Bo's family contends that he was shot while crouching in the corner in the porch (not standing up), as the bullet holes in his clothing were found near the top of his shirt and the exit hole near his buttocks, thus making it probably that he was shot at a downward angle.
An attorney representing Kind said the shooting of Bo in the enclosed porch would have been considered justifiable under Wisconsin's prior law as well.
Morrison's mother, Lauri Morrison, said he was trying to hide because he had previous tickets for underage drinking:
"He executed my son. This cannot happen to another kid."

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I'm am so outraged at this story, especially after this incident occuring with Trayvon. How many people have to die at the hands of trigger happy idoits only to have it justified. Our justice system is the most unjust I've seen, thus far. I have a brother, cousins, uncles, and friends; I could only imagine  the pain,this family has endure, to have this innocent life taken away in cold blood execution style. 

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