Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WTF...Lil Wayne Kisses Stevie J On The Lips In A Night Club

Lil Wayne Kissing Stevie J.

What Is This World Coming To? A video has surfaced of Lil Wayne kissing Stevie J. I don't know who had this footage but, it surfaced in a video on  World Star Hip Hop earlier today.  The internet is buzzing with this latest info. Question is- how much validity is there in this claim?

Lil Wayne Kissing Birdman

The video didn't appear to be all that far fetched; as I'm sure this conjured up memories of the Lil Wayne and Baby kissing photo  However, Joseline is not taking the news too well. Check out what she had to say on twitter, as Joseline tweeted the following:

Joseline Hernandez via twitter
Really, Joseline, I don't know if this statement cleared up anything but, I guess this is her way of coming to Stevie J's defense. However, just because he loves one doesn't mean that he won't try the other. She never stated that this picture was a fake. Ijs. This can't be a good image for a Gangsta Rapper.

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