Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rumor Has It: Chris Brown and Rihanna Were Spotted Hooking Up In A Bathroom

Chris Brown and Rihanna photo credit:Thy Blackman

What Is This World Coming To? Or should I say, what is Chris Brown and Rihanna doing now? These days, it seems that what ever they're doing, it's with the likes of each other. It seems evident that these two are still in love with one another. Rumor has it, that the couple is met up in a night club, and hooked up in a bathroom.  I guess this is Rih-Rih's idea of finding love in a hopeless place. 

CTVNews is reporting,

The former couple were spotted kissing on the dancefloor at New York City hotspot Griffin before moving to the back of the club to get some privacy.
An onlooker told Celebuzz that Chris made a beeline for his ex-girlfriend, who was sitting at a neighbouring table, and "climbed over the centre to get to her."
The R&B singer was seen "dancing on the table for Rihannaand the two appeared "very smitten" as they were "hugging and kissing, and they went to the back of the club alone together".
Further reports state that the pair were locked in a bathroom together for 30 minutes while two bodyguards guarded the door.
A friend of Rihanna's told Hollywood Life: "It was on and cracking. They hooked up. I wasn't in the bathroom with them but I know they f****d around and what not."
"They were in the club partying hard, had some drinks and kush and one thing led to another and that was that... He wanted her just as much as she wanted him." Eyewitnesses have taken to twitter to comment on the couple's reconciliation, with fellow club-goer @kandibecool posting: "Btw, Chris Brown and Rihanna are def together or at least hooking up... Saw it 1st hand (sic)".
Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran appears to have heard the rumours, after she tweeted this morning: "there's a difference between a man and a boy. I prefer men (sic)."
When a friend told her to "Let it go for your own good", the model replied: "oh baby I am."

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