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Chris Brown: "I Don't Want To See Her Hurt Over My Friendship With Rihanna"

Rihanna, Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran

For months on end, the Chris Brown/Rihanna reunion has been brewing. Finally, Chris Brown, made a conscious decision to break it off with his girlfriend of two years, 24 year old, model Karrueche Tran- Chris' Explaination-"I Don't Want To See Her Hurt Over My Friendship With Rihanna".

Rihanna Kissed Chris Brown @VMA's "12"

While, I can certainly reason with Karreuche's heartbreak, Chris' break up with her should not have come as a surprise. In fact their relationship lasted longer than anyone anticipated. Chris Brown's entire Graffiti  and F.A.M.E. (Deluxe Edition) Albums, told the story of a guy head over heels in love with  the ex, vulnerable, hurt, and confused. It shared a tale of a  guy attempting to move on but, not by choice. Chris' albums headlining songs like, She Ain't YouUp To You, All Back,Oh My Love (Explicit Version), and Should've Kissed You solidified Chris' undying love for, the Barbadian Beauty Rihanna that he was once in a relationship with.   

Is Chris Brown's Latest Tattoo Rihanna?

The lyrics of She Ain't You, really sparked my attention, simply because, it seemed as if he was speaking to Rihanna directly, as the first verse starts he sings. " You make it hard for me, to see somebody else, I'm calling her your name, and yeah it's messed up, because I'm thinking about you, It's your fault Babe, I never wanted us to break up, no not this way, but you don't understand me girl, When she touches me, I'm wishing that they were your hands, and when I'm with her it's only about the sex, with you I had a bad romance, and If I could, trade her in I would, because NOBODY COMPARES TO YOU. She Aint You". Check out the lyrics and the song now.

Chris Brown and Rihanna, turned heads again when, Chris Brown tweeted Happy Birthday Robin, to Rihanna on twitter before, making an appearance at her birthday party. Shortly, afterwards they dropped Rihanna's Birthday Cake Remix. The remix featured none other than Chris Brown, and his verse started out with these lyrics,  " Girl I Wanna F*** You Right Know, It's Been A Long Time, I've Been Missing Your Body".  Rihanna playfully taunted back, 'It's Not Even My Birthday but, He Wants To Lick The Icing Off".  As time permitted Chris Brown and Rihanna had a host of events suggested that the two would eventually be an item again.

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Another moment that captured audiences and viewers everywhere was Rihanna's Oprah Interview. Rihanna shared with Oprah that she felt that Chris Brown was her soulmate, and that she would always Love Chris Brown; not to mention, the Chris Brown/ Drake Fight, that caused fans and critics everywhere to speculate that the fight was over Rihanna,  Oh yeah, then there was that VMA's incident where Rihanna walks up to Chris and kisses in smack dab in the mouth on camera, in the front of his girlfriend. The list of Chris Brown/ Rihanna encounters continues on and on. It can take all day for one to update. TMZ has the entire rundown of the Chris Brown/ Rihanna/ Karrueche Tran Saga, and have humorously, created a time line, and entitled it "She Aint You". For now, TMZ, is reporting, 

Chris Brown says he has officially BROKEN UP with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran ...  explaining, "I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna."

Brown just made the announcement ... saying, "I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna."

He adds, "I'd rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives." 

The announcement comes after Brown and Rihanna were spotted together at the Jay Z concert in Brooklyn last night. The two had been hanging around each other A LOT lately ... and did some hardcore flirting at the MTV VMAs. 

Karrueche had posted a cryptic tweet last night reading, "Bye baby." 

Now it makes sense.

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