Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chris Brown Reportedly Spent The Weekend With Rihanna And Her Family

Here's a throwback of Rih Rih and Breezy photo credit: Roadforce

It's seems that Chris Brown and Rihanna have created quite a stir over the weekend. Chris and Rihanna have had quite an eventful weekend are reports have surfaced that Chris showcased his art in an exclusive expo, and still manage to match Rihanna in camo. Check out the photos. 

Rihanna and Chris in matching camo
 Sources are reporting that two reportedly reunited this Saturday @Jay-Z's 40/40 club along with Rih-Rih's family to watch the NBA playoffs. I swear this pair has such a love- hate relationship. I'm wondering, where is Karueche, in all of this? Not that anyone's mentioned her. Rumors are steadily surfacing that Chris Brown may be preparing to ask Rih-Rih to take him back publically. Do your thing Breezy and Rih- Rih, I ain't mad at ya. In case your wondering, where am I getting all of this? Here is the story as I've read it. 

Hollywood Life is reporting,

Chris reportedly spent the weekend with Rihanna AND her family! An EXCLUSIVE source reveals to that Chris is getting ready to ask Rihanna to take him back! Find out all the details!

Chris Brown and Rihanna reunited on Saturday June 9 as they watched a basketball game together, along with Rihanna’s entire family! We have an exclusive source that says a reconciliation is certainly on the horizon!
Our source says, “Man, I keep telling you Chris likes her a lot and she feels the same way. I’m not trying to put my man on blast or anything but he talks about her a lot and he’s so pimp with it he talks about her (in a good way) to Karrueche. She’s an Asian broad, so she’s on board with everything Chris presents.”
In case you’re wondering if Chris would treat Rihanna well this time around, our source stresses that the past is the past! “Chris is a nice guy and people need to see that. I told you last week that he and Rihanna would make a power couple and a good team if they would give each other a chance. They both have to stop bullshitting each other.”
Chris is continuously working to maintain a relationship with Rihanna and her family. They all gathered together on Saturday June 9 to watch the Miami Heat take on the Boston Celtics at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club! “Chris ain’t stupid and he ain’t gone let her go too far. Be keeps his claws dug inand does shit like hang with her family just to keep things within arms reach,” our source continues.
Chris’ friends, as well as the general public, have noticed their numerous “secret” reunions over the past couple of weeks! And no one seems to be fooled of an eventual reconciliation! Our source adds, “We (his boys) tell him all the time to just drop his ego and get back with her. So we’ll see. I mean they’re damn near back together. All this time they’ve been spending together publiclyand privately ain’t for nothing. It’s ain’t a coincidence. They’re probably getting busy - you feel me – on the low, but not ready for the media to be all in their business right now. But trust me dude,Chris is a smart guy and he really loves Rihanna and I wouldn’t be surprised if he made his love for her publicly again and asks her to take him back.

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