Friday, June 29, 2012

Watch As Stevie J Admits To Sleeping With Joseline In This Sneak Peak Of Love and Hip Hop's Episode 3

Last weeks episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta did not land Stevie J. my favorites list. If you didn't catch that episode you miss a load of drama; If your thoughts are similar to mines, then your probably thinking, " what drama could possibly top the amount of drama that aired in episode one?" Joseline has finally revealed that she is pregnant with Stevie J. child. Now, Stevie J. as last featured denied having any sexual involvement with Joseline; However, episode three airs Stevie J. living of to the a**hole that he is being portrayed, as he quickly informs Joseline that she will get nothing from him, and that she needs to fix her problem. He even boasts about how she going to be back where she was before he met her, at a strip club. Stevie J. is quite the character; Walt Disney couldn't have cartooned a better one. Watch the clip, to see how he looks Mimi square in the face as he lies about having no sexual relationship with Joseline. Now, this behavior shouldn't surprise viewers but, It definitely will simply because, after he confesses to spending the night and having sex with her, he proceeds to stick to his lie with Mimi. So much drama, the much anticipated Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Episode three to come.

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