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Auburn Police Named Desmonte Leonard As Suspect In Auburn's Off Campus Shooting Incident

PHOTO: Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson holds up a photo of Desmonte Leonard, 22, of Montgomery, Ala., the suspect wanted for fatally shooting three people, including two former Auburn University football players, and wounding another three people during

Police are searching for Desmonte Leonard, captured above in photo for the off campus shooting in Auburn. Leonard is a native of Montgomery, Alabama.
A manhunt is under way for an Alabama man who allegedly shot and killed three Auburn University students and wounded three others when he pulled a gun to settle a dispute over a woman at an off-campus party, police said.Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson said he signed three warrants charging Desmonte Leonard, 22, with capital murder. He warned that Leonard should be considered "armed and extremely dangerous."Dawson said he hopes to make an arrest today. Leonard was last seen on foot, and police believe he is still in Montgomery County.Two former Auburn football players, Ladarious Phillips and Ed Christian, and another man identified as Demario Pitts were killed in the shooting.Current Auburn football player Eric Mack and Xavier Moss and John Robertson were wounded, Dawson said."This is a trying time, not only university students and athletes, but it's young poeple. It's six young people that have been shot. As you can tell,the community is shaken by this and grieving today," Dawson said. The police chief said that the only connection between the  university football team and the shooting was that theplayers happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."Them being football players really has nothing to do with this," Dawson said. "They're victims of a shootingPhillips' mother, Jemecia Phillips, told ABC News that her son, a 20-year-old fullback, had planned to transfer to Jackson State University, Jemecia said, adding that she was proud of him. "He was always helpful," she said. University Heights Apartments was on lockdown from sometime between 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Saturday through 1:20 a.m. today, according to ABC affiliate WBMA-TV in Birmingham.

Turquorius Vines, 23, told The Associated Press he was atthe pool party when he and his friends began arguing over a woman with two men they'd never seen before. Vines punched one of the strangers and his friend hit them over the head with a bottle. That was when the strangers -- either one or both of them -- began shootingHis friend died at the scene, he said. No one answered when ABC News called Vines' phone number, but he told the AP that losing his friend was like losing a lung.  "I don't know how I'm going to survive this," he said.

Loss: Turquorius Vines, 23, who claims he attended the party where the shooting occurred, killing one of his friends in an apartment complex, stands outside the crime scene

Turquorius Vines, in dismay after attending the off campus party that left one of his friend amongst the dead, after  gunfire.  photocredit: DailyMail

Update On Auburn Football Players Shooting Incidents.   InFlexWeTrust, has just confirmed,  a statement that I've previously reported, in regards to the deadly shooting that took place off campus in Auburn. 

InFlexWeTrust is reporting, 

Two football players from Auburn University have been killed at a gunfight that happened during a party off campus.  According to reports the two men got into a fight with someone over a woman and were then shot.  The attackers are on the run and details are still emerging about the shooting.  Hit the jump for the details on this tragic story.

Ed Christian
Former Auburn player slain in off campus shooting Ed Christian photo credit:DailyMail

LaDarious Phillips
Ladarious Philip, another ex- auburn football player slain in off campus shooting; photo credit: DailyMail 

Three people have been reported killed and at least two others injured following a shooting at an off-campus housing complex at Auburn University in what is believed to have been a fight over a girl.
Little is known about the details of the shooting, but reports have emerged saying that among the victims were two former Auburn football players who were shot after a fistfight erupted.
Turquorius Vines, 23, said he was at the party Saturday evening at the University Heights apartments with one of his friends.
He said he and his friend were approached by two other men who started arguing with them over a woman.
Vines said he punched one of the men, while his friend hit both of the men over the head with a bottle.
Either one or both of the two men then started shooting, he said.
Among the dead were former Auburn football players Ed Christian and LaDarius Phillips. A third student at the school, Demario Pitts, was also killed.
Police identified their killer as Desmonte Leonard, who has been charged with capital murder. He has not yet been captured.
Police Chief Tommy Dawson told ‘I’d like to reach out to Mr. Leonard to turn himself in today.’
Current Auburn football player Eric Mack was shot, but his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Xavier Moss and John Robertson were also wounded.
On Sunday, Mack tweeted: ‘I appreciate all the love and prayers for me and my two lost homies. May god be with their families. #Auburn’.
Vines said he had never before seen the men who he had been arguing with.

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