Monday, June 4, 2012

Rumor Of RHOA's Apollo Cheating On Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida photo credit: realitytea

Uh oh, the rumor mill spins again; and this time Real Housewives Of Atlanta's star Phaedra Parks, is the main course. Apparently some random chic has posted several tweets in the Real Housewives Of Atlanta timelines on twitter. The tweets suggest that she has met some man at random. She insists that the man lied about his name being Troy. She is adamant that this man is lying about his identity. Check out the tweets as she and a friend so candidly discuss, the event's of Apollo's so called cheating escapade. Now, I'm no weird scientist but, I don't believe one piece of this story.  Apparently, these girls are completely crazy, and must not be aware of Phaedra's status as an attorney. She could sue their pan't off for libel and slander. However, I found the story quite interesting, just as I will find there lawsuit that is sure to come.

According to StraightFromThe A,

"The tweets are talking… here’s what they’re saying:
I could have called this post “Anatomy of a Rumor” but that’s too easy.
Here’s the abbreviated version of events.
Apparently some random chick was tweeting her fantasy’s about Apollo in her timeline on the popular social network.
Being that her avitar was quite attractive, her tweets got to the hands right people (i.e. Angela Stanton who happens to stalk my tweets, as well as Phaedra’s even though I blocked her a gazilion years ago) and the rumor spread like wildfire.
[Sidebar: I don't know if you're familiar with the way the search works, but if you enter a person's twitter addy or name in the search bar, you can see just about all every person who mentions their name. Stalkers like Stanton use the tool religiously  and even after I blocked her crazy "A"zz, she still manages to respond to anyone who mentions Phaedra's name to me... hence THIS POST I wrote questioning her sanity. But I digress!]
All they needed was on tiny morsel and Stanton and her crew of cronies ate it up and began to immediately spread the word that Apollo had vacated the marital premises.
Here are the tweets…
So the chick met some dude named “Troy” who lives on the 4th floor of some ‘partments near Lavista and Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta. She said he resembles Apollo, but no where did she have definite proof… ie… a photo perhaps… text messages with his phone number… SOMETHING… ANYTHING?
I dunno about you, but I need more proof than just someone saying they met a dude who looks like this woman’s husband. But since y’all will believe anything…. go ahead and ride with it.
Trust. I’m gonna spill what I know tomorrow.
In the meantime, I’m curious to see just wanna see how far this “rumor” will travel."

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