Monday, June 25, 2012

Willow Smith Shows Off Her Tongue Piercing

Willow Smith showing off her tongue ring. photo credit: That Grape Juice

What Is This World Coming To? Willow Smith has a tongue ring, really.  Willow Smith is the daughter of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.  She is also the younger sister of  Jaden Smith.  This picture of the singer surfaced yesterday of her flaunting a tongue piercing. I don't know what mommy and daddy dearest is thinking right now but this behavior is inappropriate for anyone; not to mention a young lady  who is all but eleven years old. It was shocking when they allowed her to shave the sides of her head; it was even more shocking when they allow her to cut all off her hair off; an know this tongue ring action just puts icing on the cake. 

 As we've noticed,  the Smith Family is not the traditional household;  When people addressed Jada with questions concerning the shaving of Willow's head, she simply responded by stating that, she is simply allowing her daughter to express herself. I believe in the freedom of expression ; however, I also believe kids need some type of guidance and restraint. I'm not sure what message a tongue ring in an eleven year old's mouth sends to people. Imagine the eleven year old followers in observance right now contemplating this awful piercing. I mean really this is too much Ms. Willow needs to pipe down, seriously. 

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