Monday, June 11, 2012

DMX Gueststars On Dr. Drew's Show: Life Changes

After the Show: An Internship with DMX
DMX on Dr. Drew Life Changes

'DMX Saves a Kid from the Streets, Part 2'
DMX, Cavier, and Dr. Drew help save a kid from the street:  photo credit;   Dr. Drew

Today Rapper DMX had a sit down with Dr. Drew on his new show "Life Changes". He discussed several elements of his life; including his violent child hood, his past drug addictions, and his constant run ins with the law. DMX himself is a very interesting character to encounter. 

Today, he exposed a softer side of himself as he revealed that he had been to jail over 25 times, he also expressed his content for his former management team, as he further revealed that they stole money from him, and pretty much left him high and dry. He seemed to be extremely grateful and calm as he openly revealed that prison was a wake up call for him. It was while he was imprisoned that he was exposed to the extreme acts of betrayal, starting with people of whom he trusted, not to mention, he stated that he found out that one of his baby mama's was, and I quote, "a slut".  DMX's interview wasn't all negative; as Dr. Drew and he set out to help a young man turn his life from the streets to a more positive direction.  DMX performed his new song on the show, check it out here.

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What do you guys think of DMX's  new song?

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