Monday, June 4, 2012

Teacher Slaps Student For Forgetting Homework And Is Still Employed

What Is This World Coming To? A Malibu High School Teacher slaps a student for forgetting her homework. Talk about crazy, this is about one of the most bizarre stories i've encountered this week. I can think of several laws broken just involving this assault on a minor; not to mention all of the policies that should've called for the immediate disciplinary action of the clearly incompetent instructor. However, this pans out an outrageous outcome. Not only is the school not revealing any information on the instructor, such as name, gender, or whereabouts;  the school has continued to employ this individual. Not only is the teen traumatized but, ultimately she is still facing harassment, as sources have revealed that the teen no longer reports to the classroom to participate in the educational process; instead the teen reports to the library to complete daily assignments for this particular class.  This type of conduct is riduculous. I can't believe that any school system could be this careless,and negligent.

According to Chelsea Hoffman on Gather,

A Malibu high school teacher is in some hot water after slapping a ninth grade student several times for forgetting her homework. Sources are not revealing the name or even the gender of the person responsible for this, which is absolutely unforgivable if you want to know the honest truth. The public should be made aware of this person's identity so that they can know to avoid any school that employs them! The way this looks, the school is protecting a reckless person who lays his or her hands on the underage students under the supervision of the school system. That's unforgivable.
Ninth grade student Dionne Evans claims that she forget her homework on May 22nd. Instead of just giving the kid a failing grade for the day like any other normal person would do, this genius hired by the Malibu school system made Dionne walk to the front of the class for what became a form of humiliating punishment. The educator (and that term is used loosely) asked the child if she had seen the movie "Bridesmaids," before allegedly slapping her in the face up to six times. This is believed to have been a mock-up of a scene in the flick in which a woman tries to literally slap sense into another woman. To be honest, the movie was not that great and for someone to think it was good enough to mimic in this fashion just screams immaturity andinstability.
It's probably safe to say that the teen is not lying because the accused has written an apology letter to her and her family. This isn't enough, however, because the family is suing the educator in court. The attorney representing Dionne Evans claims that the teen has not returned to the classroom and is instead doing her work for the class in the school library. Does this mean the teacher responsible for the attack is not fired or even suspended? This person is still being permitted to teach children after allegedly slapping a ninth grader in the face over simplyforgetting her homework?
If it was a joke, it's not funny, especially since Dionne is not taking it as a joke. Obviously the victim of the attack should be the decider in whether or not this was a case of comical antics. Obviously the kid would know whether she was frightened or in pain, and apparently she was traumatized in some way by this idiot employed by the school.

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