Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Basketball Wives Have A Tearful Reunion Show

 The Basketball Wives season four reunion show revealed a softer side of two basketball wives in general. Both Shaunie O'neal and Evelyn Lozada fought back tears at the reunion show. Shaunie seemed to be extremely sincere, when she states that living your life on television can ruin friendship, as it had that has been evident with Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams. Shaunie referred to the this situation, as being " A Mess". Shaunie's eyes filled with tears as she vents about people misplacing blame on her self an Tami for not acting as mediators. 

“Every time I’m interviewed, I’m asked if there’s something you could take back from all of the seasons, it’s that moment." - Evelyn

On the otherhand, Evelyn seemed to be extremely emotional when she admits that she "went to far" and that she was embarassed by her behavior in regards to her full fledge attack on Kenya.  If you've forgotten about her attack; Ev verbally attacked Kenya, threatened her and proceeded to hit her with a bottle.   

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