Monday, June 18, 2012

Shaunie O'neal Insists: I Didn't Fire Anyone

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What Is This World Coming To? Shaunie O'neal is extremely upset these days insisting that she "Didn't Fire Anyone". As previously reported Shaunie Oneal did host an interview where she revealed that if it was up to her, three basketball wives would get the axe. Shortly afterwards, three basketball wives were fired from the show. Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, and Kesha Nichols were the three who got the axe from the show. Shaunie did speak in reference to parting ways with three Basketball Wives, however she never named names. Apparently, Shaunie and the media company Shed is at odds with  the outcome because Shaunie wants them to know that she is extremely upset with their decision and will walk away from the show, if she doesn't agree with it's direction. Here is the story as I read it.

TMZ reports,

"Basketball Wives" star Shaunie O'Neal says it's not her fault three cast members were axed ... telling people she learned the news when everyone else did ... sources close to Shaunie tell TMZ 

As TMZ previously reported, three major "BB Wives" were canned recently -- Jennifer WilliamsRoyce Reed and Kesha Nichols. 

But Shaunie is telling friends, despite the accusations, the cuts were NOT made by her. Sources close to Shaunie (who is also an executive producer on the show) tell TMZ she was blindsided by the news. We're told Shaunie says the production company leaves her in the dark about everything after she butted heads with them over the violent direction the show was headed (i.e on-air brawls and cat-fights). 

I am honestly confused as to why Shaunie would voice her opinion about axing anyone from the show,and then act surprised when cast members are fired. I think they were just acting on something she suggested. She should have just kept it real and been honest in the interviews. If she went to the extremes of even mentioning that if it were up to her she would give three basketball wives the axe, she should have just named names, and then the media company would've known who to let go and who to keep.   What do you think? Do you think Shaunie O'neal had no involvement with the firing of Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed, and Kesha Nichols?

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