Friday, June 22, 2012

MempHitz Calls K. Michelle A Liar

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What Is This World Coming To? MempHitz calls K. Michelle out on twitter. As previously reported, K. Michelle's infamous abusive boyfriend that she mentioned during the first episode of  Love and Hip Hop   Atlanta, is non -other than, Toya Carter Wright's husband MempHitz.  Apparently MempHitz took offense to K.Michelle's speaking out about the abuse that she says almost ended her.

MempHitz who is currently celebrating his one year anniversary to Toya Carter, took to twitter to express his take on the alleged abuse that K.Michelle says he inflicted upon her.

According to Hello Beautiful, MempHitz tweeted:

and then posted this pic:

Wow,  someone is on the defense. Now I of all people, before this news absolutely adored the fine specimen of a man that MempHitz appears to be.  I mean, this guy is gorgeous. However, that doesn't mean that he is incapable of committing such a violent act.  The fact that he never, stated I didn't abuse, or hit you does suggest that there is truth in what  K. Michelle , is stating.  If he would have taken the high road and wished her the best with her career, I may have been convinced, but to air her dirty laundry, and to expose facts about her plastic surgery and money he spent on her just suggests, that he really is abusive with words; and maybe even abusive physically. 

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