Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rapper Drake To Be Arrested For His Bottle Brawl With Chris Brown

 BEEFING: Chris Brown And Drake Fight In New York Club Over Rihanna
Drake and Chris Brown photo credit: UrbanIslandz

What Is This World Coming To? Rapper Drizzy (Drake) is pending an arrest for the bottle brawl that left Chris Brown's chin gashed, and severely injured other innocent bystanders. Apparently, authorities have investigated an concluded that Drake was the aggressor in this brawl. It's funny how Drake's Rep's repeatedly made statements, telling lie after lie. Oh well, I guess they were just doing there job. 

I can admit that this has me feeling some kind of way; due to the fact that I am a die hard fan of both musician's. However, I am a firm believer in owning up and acknowledging your actions. And we have to know, that with certain behavior comes consequence. Drakes actions warranted innocent people to suffer some pretty serious wounds. Not to mention Chris Brown's Bodyguard who sustained a very nasty head injury to the head.  Authorities are not playing; they have given Drake an ultimatum; turn himself in now or he risks them ceasing and arresting him at a scheduled performance show.

Foxnews reports,

Rihanna-loving rapper Drake -- whose nasty note to Chris Brown sparked a VIP-room melee -- is going to be arrested for throwing a bottle at his rival.
Drake is expected to be charged with reckless endangerment, sources said, after a witness told cops the hip-hopper hurled the projectile during the 4:00am local time mayhem Thursday at the SoHo hotspot W.i.P.
The witness did not believe Drake hit anyone with the bottle.
If Drake does not agree to surrender by early next week, cops may arrest him during tonight's concert at Jones Beach, the sources said.
The 25-year-old hip-hop star, who briefly dated Rihanna, drove Brown into a rage when his table sent over a note that read: "I am f*ck*ng the love of your life."
Brown, Rihanna's ex, had just bought Drake a pricey bottle of Champagne.
Drake's camp said the fight was instigated by a member of Brown's crew who made offensive comments toward their entourage, which included rapper Meek Mill.

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