Saturday, June 30, 2012

Evelyn Lozada Is Not Sure If She Will Be Returning To The Basketball Wives

Evelyn Lozada photo credit: BlogsBabble

Uh-oh it looks like Evelyn Lozada is not sure if she will be returning to VH1's Basketball Wives. Evelyn is currently filming a reality show with her fiance Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and planning to be wed next month. Ev has had quite the bit of publicity since establishing her place as, the fiesty round the way girl, with a sick shoe game, on the reality  show " Basketball Wives"  Ev  recently, landed a book deal with cash money, and has promoted her very own, lines of eye-shadow, and t-shirts. However, I'm not sure if "Basketball Wives " will exist without it's star character Evelyn Lozada. With all the projects, that Evelyn has been subjective to, how will she find time to tape the show. 

According to Hello Beautiful,

“Basketball Wives” Evelyn Lozada may or may not be returning to the show next month. The reality star who snagged a spin-off show and is getting married to Chad Ochocinco next week is remaining coy on whether or not she’ll be returning to the show which made her a household name.
Evelyn tells Atlanta’s V103,
“You know, I honestly don’t know because we don’t know what the cast is going to look like. Negotiations start in August or September, I think.”

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