Sunday, June 17, 2012

A New Victim In The Chris Brown/Drake Brawl Plans To Sue


This Chris Brown/Drake brawl, has caused more trouble than a little bit. In the wake of the media, more people are coming forward and reporting injuries that resulted from this bottle brawl that was believed to be initiated by Drake. However, the plot thickens as another innocent bystander comes forward relinquishing her injuries. Apparently,   Lucy Pavlovsky, is claiming to have gotten hit in the arm with a bottle. The victim is also claiming to have gotten twelve stitches and a tetanus shot as a result of the bottle throwing Chris Brown/ Drake incident Pavlovsky plans to sue. Question is who will be made to pay. Meanwhile, Chris Brown is cooperating with the NYPD, in regards to providing the evidence needed to arrest Drake. So far, Fox news' report of the police attempting to arrest Drake seems to be null and void. One thing's for sure someone is going to pay out a ton of money in regards to this whole nightclub brawl incident. Here is the story as I read it.

TMZ reports, 

A woman who claims she suffered a gash in her arm that required 12 stitches after she was caught up in the Chris Brown/Drake fight madness has hired a lawyer and plans to sue ... TMZ has learned. 

Javier Solano, a lawyer representing a woman named Lucy Pavlovsky tells TMZ his client was in the VIP section at W.i.P. Nightclub when the fight went down. He says Lucy ducked down when the bottles started flying and didn't notice her arm was cut -- "gushing blood," in her words -- until she was making her way out of the club.  

Solano says Lucy took a cab to the nearest hospital, and got a total of 12 stitches to close up two cuts on her arm -- and also got a tetanus shot. 

According to Solano, Lucy was interviewed by NYPD officers on Friday ...who said they were gathering evidence for a possible criminal complaint. 

Solano says Lucy's lawsuit would be against the club -- but hinted Drake and/or Brown could be included, saying ... "At this moment we are exploring all options on who will become a defendant. 

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