Friday, August 10, 2012

K. Michelle Threatens To Slap Toya Wright On Twitter

K. Michelle photo credit: xlurbanmedia

Wow, K.Michelle has had yet another episode on twitter involving none other, than Toya Wright. As I previously, informed you guys K. Michelle, has been highly criticized and publicize for her accusations of abuse at the hands of Toya Wright's extremely fine husband Memphitz. Memphitz just happens to be the ex-boyfriend/ manager that K. Michelle jas just recently outed as her alleged abuser. In the premiere of VH1's reality show "Love and Hip Hop ATL" K. Michelle tells her story of being abused by an ex that was supposed to be her manager, and was also very well known in the industry. After the show aired, K. Michelle revealed  in a radio station interview that her abuser was indeed Memphitz.  K. Michelle's shocking revelation stunned fans and viewers everywhere as people immediately began to take their own personal sides. Meanwhile, some of Toya Wright's friends have been caught smack dab in the middle.

K.Michelle Knocks Out Rapper Rasheeda @ Love and Hip Hop ATL's Reunion Show.

As a result, Toya Wright was highly criticized for wedding an alleged abuser while, K. Michelle gained a larger fan base, and lost a lot of industry peers along the way. K. Michelle has been in turmoil and has engaged in several twitter beefs with Toya Wrights close friends as well as Memphitz.  One of K.Michelle's most noted twitter beefs was with Toni Braxton's baby sister Tamar Braxton.

Today K. Michelle had yet another twitter war, this time she threatened to slap Toya on twitter.

 Miss Jia managed to grab the tweets before K.Michelle could delete her timeline.

photo 10 400x600 Above the F ckin Law: K. Michelle Threatens Toya Wright on Twitter
Wow, K. Michelle needs to pipe down, I can only imagine her pain; however, the threats are written and recorded by virtually every blog airing to date now and they could lead to some serious consequences for her and the law. Not to mention it could be detrimental to her career. Toya Wright has a lot of industry friends who could ultimately black ball K. Michelle.  There is no denying that she is talented however, she is going to have a hard time explaining these threats.

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