Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ludacris Has Impregnated His Side Chic....Too

It seems that Rapper Ludacris joins the likes of Dwade and as the latest inductee of the miles low, team impregnate the side chic. Aforementioned, was the tale of Dwade's atrocious side chic, who by the way is mother to Damon Wayans Jr's two children, prior to baring a son with the Miami Heat Baller. See, Dwade's Side Chic Writes Gabrielle A Nasty Letter.

As if this news wasn't shocking enough, stories have surfaced, that Ludacris a.k.a Chris Luva Luva, has fathered a baby as well, with his side chic, and his girlfriend of  nearly five years, is joining the Gabby club, with damn near the same story- that story is, that the two of them had broke up during the time of conception- yeah right.

Euroweb reports,

According to TMZ, Ludacris' long time girlfriend Eudoxie is standing by her man, and sticking to the script, of course- that she and Ludacris were enduring breakup when he conceived a child with a chic on the side. TMZ, has also identified the baby mama as being, Tamika Fuller.

Sources all over the net like, The Jasmine Brand, are reporting a brewing child support feud; where in Ludacris has already began court documents attempting to protect himself.

Although his newborn claimed his last name, Ludacris has yet to officially claim his daughter’s paternity and he’s in the midst of protecting his assets between his new alleged baby mama. Reportedly, the rapper has filed legal documents claiming he makes $25,842.41 a month and under Georgia law he would be obliged to pay$1,754.66 a month in child support. Folk are speculating that his new baby mama may go after him for all he’s worth, so he wants to set a limit on the amount of child support he will be scheduled to pay to the child’s mother. Allegedly, she use to reside to California, but moved back to Atlanta to give birth.

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