Friday, January 17, 2014

NBC Producer Outs Lebron James As A Cheater......

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What Is This World Coming To?  An NBC Producer has outed Miami Heats star Baller, Lebron James as a cheater.  Apparently, the newly wed , James decided to be extra friendly, during a past visit to the White House.

According to Bossip,

NBC's reporter Stacy Klein, instagrammed the following post.


As aforementioned in a prior post, Dwade's Baby's Mom, penned Gabrielle Union a letter, providing detailing information about their indiscretion. Then, there was this, Ludacris Impregnating his side chick foolery, and now King James has commenced to create his own real life Scandal at the White House.

The situation at hand, is wrong in every perspective, however, the NBC reporter is definitely going to get the hater of the year award.  This is hating at it's best. SMH.  I can't believe the nerve of some people.  To witness him cheating is one thing, but to publicly humiliate his wife of only months, was extremely wrong....

She only witness an exchange of a phone number, while I'm definitely not defending Lebron's actions, I am absolutely, apauled at the links that people would go, for a little media attention.  Geez, have a little compassion for his wife and kids.

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