Saturday, January 25, 2014

Billioniare Offers $130 Million Dollars For Any Man To Marry His Daughter

Cecil Chao Net Worth

What Is This World Coming To? This is quite the invitation to wed someones daughter. I am absolutely shocked at the level of desparity and denial of one man, as it pertains to his only daughter-who has chosen to led a lesbian  lifestyle .  Apparently, Cecil Chao is so desperate to relieve his daughter of her homosexuality that he is offering any man, $130 Million to wed her.

  Gigi Chao Lesbian Lover

 Celebrity Networth reports,

Cecil Chao earned his billions as the owner of publicly traded company Cheuk Nang which develops property in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Greater China. And you'd think a guy who is so against his daughter's gay marriage must be some sort of hard line Christian conservative right? Wrong. The 76 year tycoon once claimed to have slept with over 10,000 women. You'd think a guy with that many female conquests would understand his daughter's attraction to the finer gender! Cecil is a fixture at prominent public events and upper crust social circle parties. He nearly always has a new young girlfriend (or girlfriends) on his arm:

Gay issues are still slightly controversial in Hong Kong. Homosexuality wasn't decriminalized there until 1991 and Cecil appears to be in denial that the lesbian marriage even took place. He claimed at the time that the reports of his daughter's marriage were false and that Gigi was still a "single woman with both talents and looks who is devoted to her parents, generous and does volunteer work."

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