Thursday, January 2, 2014

LAHHNY Sneak Peak Erica Mena's Girlfriend Cyn and Rich Has Explosive Fight....Video

Erica Mena fight to separate Cyn and Rich Erica Mena FIGHT To Separate Cyn Santana vs Rich Dollaz!

This week's episode of Love and Hip Hop proved to be extremely interesting; finally, the show is focusing on Erica Mena and Rich's chaotic love triangle.  Of course, we all watched last season as Erica Mena, who was clearly in love with Rich, humiliated and discustingly played herself, while gunning for Rich's attention.

It seems that last year wasn't the end of Erica's relentless attempts to gain Rich's attention.  This season the saga continues.  Up until the last episode aired, Erica had convinced both herself as well as viewers, that she'd moved on;  The last episode aired showed Erica as she leaps into the arm of Rich and kisses him.

Not to mention, a heated discussion that left her in tears with the realization that she was and still in very much in love with Rich Dollaz.  Check out this sneak peak of next weeks episode as her kiss with Rich blows up in her face.

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