Thursday, January 16, 2014

District Attorney Planning To Seek Capital Murder Charges Against 3 Women Involved In Robbery Attempt......

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What Is This World Coming To? Yesterday, both facebook and the internet were buzzing, over three female alleged strippers, who allegedly engaged in a robbery that resulted in the death of one male.

According To Blog,

Three women face charges in a robbery attempt in Fairfield early Wednesday morning in which one suspect was killed and another person was shot.  Suspects were identified as, Brianna Ivey, 19, Jessica Duckworth, 21, and Tempest Garner, 23, all of Huntsville, each face three counts of robbery in the incident that happened at the America's Best Hotel on Kelco Place around 1:22 a.m. Wednesday, according to Fairfield Police Chief Leon Davis.

Ivey and Duckworth are in custody. Anyone with information about Garner's whereabouts is asked to call the Fairfield Police Department at (205) 786-4111.

A group of men, including one who suffered a gunshot wound that was not life-threatening, were seen in a vehicle leaving the hotel as officers arrived, according to police. They told police they were in a hotel room with the three women when a man came in and tried to rob them.

One of the men was able to get his handgun and fire at the suspect, Lionel Williams, 35, of Huntsville, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Williams was released from prison last February after serving a 15-year sentence on robbery and unlawful breaking and entering charges, according to prison records.

Police believe the three women lured the men into the hotel room as part of the robbery, Davis said More charges are expected, Davis said. He said earlier Wednesday that he plans to seek capital murder charges through the Jefferson County District Attorney's office against the three women involved.
Each suspect faces bonds totaling $180,000 on the robbery charges.

As if this story isn't sad enough,  you should check out some of the comments that are being left, on this article. I was blown away.  

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