Saturday, January 18, 2014

Love and Hip Hop New York Reunion Reveals Proposal Rejection, Pregnancy, Breakup, And A Fight

Last weeks episode of  Love and Hip Hop New York (LAHHNY), explored mounds of love.  For starters Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz' on again-off again, love/hate relationship finally unveiled right before our eyes.  Meanwhile, Joe Budden stole the show with a heartfelt proposal, they left all viewers in awww.

 A Pregnancy, Cheating & Fights Revealed At Love & Hip Reunion [Details]

Meanwhile, the show wrapped as soon as Joe got down on one knee; leaving Tahiry's response to be questioned.  However, since the show aired last week, the internet has been buzzing with speculation. Social media and blogging has revealed Tahiry's response.  Many blogs are reporting a rejection as Tahiry's response to his marriage proposal.

However,  the cast filmed the LAHHNY Reunion Show just this past hump day.

According to

Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz admit that they are still having sex.
Erica’s girlfriend Cyn Santana didn’t like the news and she breaks up with the reality star on camera. Erica also allegedly gets a beat down from Nya Lee. The two began arguing and physical violence takes place with Nya getting the upper hand in the fight.

 A Pregnancy, Cheating & Fights Revealed At Love & Hip Reunion [Details]
Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose end their relationship on the show. Amina Butterfly reveals she’s pregnant and that she’s filing for divorce because of Peter Gunz’s relationship with Tara.

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