Friday, January 17, 2014

T.I. Has Allegedy Impregnated His Side Chic

photo source:global grind

 Welcome to the age of, on break babies, in the land of impregnate your side chicks. Clifford T.I. Harris is the latest addition to this years saga of impregnate your side chick.  While this news is profusely flowing in the rumor mill, both parties are denying it's validity.  The alleged side chic  has, even had a public twitter rant about it.  Here is what she had to say.

nahkang Say What: Is T.I. Expecting a Child With a Woman, Not Tiny? [Details]

"Kang denied the rumors on Twitter. She tweeted, “Would never disrespect family. Or play myself. Where do y’all come up with this stuff? Lol. Don’t believe sh$t u read. Lmao ewwww why can’t a girl just work hard?” reports,

According to TattleTailzz, T.I. is expecting another child with another woman.

Tip is allegedly expecting his sixth child with Grand Hustle general manager Hanna Kang. Tiny allegedly knows about the pregnancy as is not happy about it. Tiny allegedly begged Kang to keep it a secret and get an abortion. Tip has even offered her a million dollars to abort the baby but no word on what Kang will do.

“I guess things went from professional to personal,” a source told TattleTailzz. “Not only was she the side chick, now she has become a baby momma.

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