Friday, August 3, 2012

Lil Scrappy Proposes To Erica At LAHHATL Reunion

Lil Scrappy Proposes To Erica 

Well, well, well, Love and Hip Hop's ATL Reunion Show, is full of surprises. This one takes the cake. Now, after all of the ranting and raving that Lil Scrappy has done with Shay "Buckee" Johnson about his baby's mama Erica, Scrappy has turned the other cheek, and proposed marriage to Erica. If your shocked join the club because, we've witnessed Lil Scrappy's constant complaining and wining about how Erica will not show him that she loves him.  One lesson learned ladies, If he is constantly in mention of his ex, do your self a favor and move on. Clearly, if he is in constant ranting about how much he hates or dislikes the ex, then chances are he is still missing her. The ranting and raving comes by way of his thoughts constantly being with her entirely.  Apparently, Buckee is not taking the news too well, and I can't say that I blame her. Scrappy mislead her on numerous occasions, and the footage that was aired showing veiwers  just how full of it Scrappy really was.  Meanwhile, Hello Beautiful is giving you the 411 on Scrappy's proposal to Erica.

Hello Beautiful reports,

Lil Scrappy has finally done right by his baby’s mother, Erica Dixon! According to a reliable source, Lil Scrappy proposed to Erica during the taping of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion this week and she said “Yes.” Scrappy, who was dating Shay “Buckee” Johnson behind Erica’s back on the show, was also in attendance. Scrappy allegedly apologized to the “Flavor Of Love” contestant for leading her on and using her. Shay didn’t take kindly to his apology which led to a physical altercation between her and Erica! Our insider also says there was so much fighting between the cast-mates that taping had to be interrupted!
At a recent private press screening in New York City, Scrappy admitted to loving Erica and gushed over the ATL beauty! 
I wonder will they actually air the reunion show or did they even finish the taping of the show? I guess we will have to stay tuned for the final outcome of this saga.   I know Buckee's feelings are hurt. However, word to the wise, don't start something with someone before ending a relationship completely with someone else.  Apparently, all is fair in Love and War. 

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