Friday, August 3, 2012

Rumor Has It K.Michelle Knocks Out Rasheeda At LAHHATL Reunion

K. Michelle and Rasheeda photo credit: theybf

 Wow, the rumor mill is in full effect, as sources report the taping of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Reunion. Apparently, whenever this cast comes together there seems to be chaos. However, this rumor is perhaps one of the most shocking I've heard this season. Sources report that K. Michelle allegedly knocked out Rasheeda.
Yes your readiing right, K. MICHELLE KNOCKED OUT RASHEEDA. Now, I don't know the entire story to even elaborate. However, Hello Beautiful is reporting,

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion was filmed this week and scandalous rumors have come out the event. According to a source ofMTOK. Michelleallegedly knocked out ATL rapper Rasheeda. K. Michelle was allegedly ranting about Toya Wright and Memphitz when Rasheeda chimed in to defend her friend.

Things allegedly got physical:
Rasheeda was “repeatedly punched” in the face while on the ground. And eventually “lost consciousness” before security was able to break it up. Paramedics were called and taping was delayed until Rasheeda regained full consciousness and was medically cleared to return on camera.

Wow, this fight is not a good look for neither Rasheeda or K. Michelle simply because, both of them are trying to advance in the industry. However, I'm starting to believe, the rumors, that K. Michelle really is crazy. I don't understand why she would continue to risk her career at the mention of the very fine Memphitz.  As we have witnessed week after week, K. Michelle is extremely talented however, she should chill out because, as it has been highlighted throughout the show, her talent means jack  if producers in the industry aren't willing to work with her out of fear of her being mentally unstable. As rumor has it K.Michelle is continuously being cast in the crazy light. Apparently, just a few weeks ago, a photo surfaced of  K. Michelle flashing a camera man exposed the breast that Memphitz allegedly paid for.  Out of respect for my advertising, I will not post the topless photo however, I am linking to it, click here to see K.Michelle's topless photo. SMDH, what do you think of this story?

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