Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Is Love And Hip Hops Mama Dee Dancing On A Stripper Pole?

Momma Dee of 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' is caught dancing on a stripper pole, and really enjoying it, in a newly released YouTube video
Lil Scrappy's Mom "Mama Dee" Performs On A Stripper Pole

  Video Credit : Examiner

Lil Scrappy's Mom, Mama Dee is quite the character. Apparently on and off air.  Rapper, Lil Scrappy's Mom is completely off her rocker and seems to be quite entertaining to watch. Last weeks episode she showcased her lack of spelling skills when she so candidly referred to Ericka, Lil Scrappy's Baby Mama as a B*tch supposedly,  until she continued on to spell it B-I-C-T-H, and she followed it up as usual stating " An In That Order". 

Mama Dee is indeed a real piece of work as rumor has it that she is an ex-madam. However, this new rendition of a stripper that Mama Dee is portraying  seems all too crazy, even for her.  I mean really you have a fully grown son and a grandchild. Ijs, Check the video out and tell me what do you think of Mama Dee's pole dancing?

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