Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Micheal Jackson

Micheal Jackson photo credit: renodiscontent

Happy Birthday to none other than the King Of Pop,  Micheal Jackson.  Today is August 29, 2012, a day of both rejoicing and sadness for many. Micheal Jackson would have been turned 54 years old today.  At times, it's still seems shocking that King Of Pop is gone. However, Micheal Jackson forever lives in our hearts. Micheal Jackson is now commemorated as the greatest entertainer in the world by  the guinness book of world records

Micheal Jackson is iconic and most remembered  for his overwhelming dance moves and for his style of dress. Micheal's signature loafers, and moonwalk will forever remain in our hearts. Aside of being the greatest entertainer in the world, Micheal Jackson, was also a great humanitarian, who also holds a guinness book world record for making the largest charitable contribution. 

Micheal Jackson's untimely death plagued the nation as June 25, 2009,  is a day that most will never forget; I remember June 25, 2009, as the day the World Stood Still.  Literally, I can recall when and where I was at that very moment when the news headlined the radio, and then CNN reported that Micheal Jackson had been found unresponsive and that they were pronouncing him dead after several attempts to revive him. Ultimately Micheal Jackson's cause of death was describe as acute Propofol Intoxication.  He was only 50 years old. 

I will always love Micheal Jackson as he introduced dance as  a way of life,and has made a great contribution to the world of music. Some of my favorite Micheal Jackson tunes are, PYT (Pretty Young Thang), I Wannna Rock With You, Starting Something, Man In the Mirror, Butterflies, You Are Not Alone, and a host of many more; For the sake of keeping it short, I will not list. What's your favorite Micheal Jackson Tune? Feel free to list them here. For now ,check out some video's, F.Y.I, VH1 Soul is playing all Micheal Jackson Videos now.. Again Happy 54th Birthday Micheal Jackson.

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