Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh No...Chad Johnson Is On The Verge Of Losing His Condo

Chad Ochocinco Johnson: Photo Credit:
What Is This World Coming To? Chad Ochocinco has officially had the worst week of his life. First, he is arrested for on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge for allegedly headbutting his soon to be ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. Shortly after his release, Chad is cut from the Miami Dolphins, he loses an endorsement deal, and then the VH1 network announces that they have decided to ultimately pull the plug on his new reality series, The  Ev and Ocho Show.  In addition to losing three main income streams, Chad finally learns that the fate of his marriage is doomed;  as Evelyn announces that she has signed an affadavit to move forward in pressing charges against him. Shortly, afterwards Evelyn files for a divorce, and eventually drops his last name. 

Just when it seems that things couldn't get worse for the couple, they are now being publicly sought after for a ninety-thousand dollar tab owed to St. Martin, and rumor has Chad is about to lose his 16 floor Condo. 
According to Global Grind,

The bank is going to foreclose on his condo.
According to court papers, Chad hasn’t paid the monthly $863-maintenance fees on his $400,000-16th floor crib at Two Midtown Miami — since June 2009!
He’s behind by $28,703 – and since the Dolphins cut him Sunday night, he could have a hard time making good on the tab.
Gossip Extra goes on to mention that Chad received a $150,000 mortgage from two Palm Beach County investors, Michael Pomerantz and well-known dermatologist Patrick McPoland, and has until 2015 to pay it back. 
Wow, what a time Chad Ochocinco  is having.  This is proof that you should think before you react. Every cause has an effect, and your anger should never be the source of your immediate reaction. Nevertheless, I pray that things get better for both he and Ev; this is enough to drive anyone insane. 

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