Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rihanna Comforts Chris Brown After He Crashes His Porsche

Rihanna Comforts Chris Brown

Rihanna was there to provide some comfort after Chris Browns paparazzi chase, that resulted in Chris Brown crashing and totaling his Porsche. As usual, Rih-Rih was there to provide moral support. Rih-Rih has remained loyal to Chris Brown, and his well being as it seems. 

She was captured earlier this week, alongside Chris, as the two made their way to the courtroom to face charges of Chris' alleged falsifying community services charge. Rih-Rih was even spotted blowing her man a kiss from across the room. Chris Brown and Rihanna coupled up in attendance for his Pre-Grammy Brunch that was held at SoHo. Rumor has it the two are expected to attend and possibly perform at the Grammy's.  If the two pull off a performance, it can certainly  positively impact, their history of Grammy Awards attendance. Hopefully, this can give way to great closure, as their last anticipated Grammy's attendance ended in dismay.  Best of luck to the both of them. 

According to  X17Online,

It looks like Rihanna was able to calm him down when the two met up at SoHo house immediately after the accident. Chris was later seen chatting with some pals outside, and he appeared quite animated, but he didn't look like he was going to throw a chair through a window. Always a good sign! 

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