Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rapper Jim Jones Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Jim Jones photo credit: Trillstyle

Rapper/ Reality Star Jim Jones was arrested earlier today and charged with disorderly conduct. The former dipset diplomat is not a force to be reckoned with as we've witnessed his strong character via Love and Hip New York season one and VH1's  new reality series Chrissy and Jim. The New York bread rapper is known for his street credibility and rap skills; one could only imagine the time that he must have given the cops for bringing grief to him over some bogus side walk charge. In my Chrissy Lampkin, (Jim's fiance) voice, Really Jimmy, you going to jail on Valentines Day. I'm sure Jim will bounce back from this, he's a trooper. Check out the story below. 

Zhiphopcleveland is reporting,

Rapper Jim Jones was arrested in New Jersey earlier today … after cops say he “got out of line” with a police officer who was trying to deal with a parking situation.

According to police, Jones confronted an officer who was responding to a complaint about an illegally parked car in front of Jim’s home.
Cops say the officer ran Jim’s name through the system and noticed two warrants out for the rapper’s arrest — one for a motor vehicle violation and the other for failure to remove snow from his sidewalk … apparently, that’s a crime in NJ.

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