Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Must See Video: Cop Tased Hood Women In Front Of Her Kids

Mall cop tases woman
photo credit : Sandra Rose

What Is This World Coming To? This morning this video has been the source of my amusement. Sandra Rose, had this footage featured on her blog of this ghetto mama, acting a fool.  Not much to my surprise, this lady and her children take hood to another whole level. Watch this lady, as she continuously  challenges this guards authority, and attempts to fight him. The guard eventually tases her in the front of her kids. Smh at this foolery.  Since the incident, the video has gone viral, and a fund has been started so that the officer who was responsible for the tasing incident can purchase better equipment. This video footage definitely reflected a lack of restraint, and violence behavior clearly iniated by this unruly, disrespectful female. Check out the footage.

Sandra Rose reports,

Last May, an Atlanta mall security guard recorded a confrontation with two verbally abusive hoodrats, which descended quickly into pushing and shoving. The mall guard, Darien Long (pictured above), was forced to taser one of the women who punched Long and screamed profanities in full view of her small children.
“You better back it up!” warned the mall guard as the women’s toddlers chimed in with a chorus of “THAT’S WHY YOU GAY!”
The video footage, from a camera attached to Long’s vest, went viral, and now donations are pouring in from concerned citizens who want to supply Long with “better and more gear” to battle the mall scourge. Donors have now raised over $22,000 and counting for Long, Newsone.com reports.

I'm wondering ,is this female off her meds? LMAO

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