Thursday, February 14, 2013

As Threatened Superhead Drops A Tell All About Lil Wayne: How To Love A Martian

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans and Lil Wayne photo credit: SOHH

What Is This World Coming To?  In the name of all thirst, Karrine "Superhead" Steffans  has finally dropped a book with all the juicy details of a so-called down low relationship between herself and rapper Lil Wayne. The tell all, has come as threatened,  just months after Superheads, drunken twitter rant and video release aimed at the Love Me [Explicit] rapper. Superhead's desperate ploy for Lil Wayne's attention has lead her to reach an all time low; as she again reveals some very illicit details of her neverending sexcapade with the rapper Lil Wayne.  Coincidentally, Superhead's, official press released excerpt just so happened to land on Valentine's Day; the same day that Lil Wayne premiere's his new video Love Me [Explicit] " Check out Lil Wayne's world premiere of the video @6am on all MTV networks. 

Hello Beautiful reports, 

I’d been with him so long. There was no way I’d leave him for my husband. There’s no way I’d settle for a life without him, but there was no way I settle for a life with him, a life on the road, swimming in a pool of women, when this baby in my stomach. A secret. How would I tell my husband? How would I tell my lover….a martian. 

This book just confirms that Superhead has lost, what was left, of her mind. Aforementioned, was a tale of the letter she penned exploiting everything from her husband's small penis, to his even smaller pockets. 

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Just last summer, Superhead had a drunken twitter rant. Karrine tweeted the following:

Shortly after the twitter rant,  Superhead deleted the tweets but not before, Hello Beautiful could get their hands on it. Months later she dropped  a video drunk; Yet again ranting on and on about how hurtful it was for Lil Wayne to refer to another woman's head game being better than hers.  Smdh.... as if this is a selling point.  Check out the video below.  

Now correct me if I'm wrong butm I thought her whole purpose of exploiting was to make the person exploited look bad; However, this confirms that she is indeed mentally unstable, and a word that rhymes with sore. As if that wasn't evident from all of the free porno's she starred in via everyone's internet. SMDH... this is foolery at it's finest. If Lil Wayne should name himself toilet paper because she obviously thinks he is "THE SHIT".  Just wondering, how she gonna credit Weezy's head game as a her reason for running back six years on end, while she was married.  How in the world could the infamous Superhead put some one else on blast for great head game.  

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