Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WTF...LAHH's K.Michelle Slaps Mimi Faust, Claims That Her New Boo Is A Down Low Brother, and Disses Lyfe Jennings

Mimi Faust and K. Michelle on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" (2013).
Mimi Faust and K. Michelle photo credit: Examiner
What Is This World Coming To? Love and Hip Hop's K. Michelle is at it again. This time her target is her cast mate Mimi Faust.  Now, just in case you've forgotten, Mimi Faust, is the infamous Stevie J.'s baby's mama. As if, that title doesn't bring enough heat to Mimi; The latest news on the rumor mill, that has spread, via K. Michelle, is that Mimi Faust's current boyfriend is a down low brother. Mimi's new man Nikko, who is captured below is no newcomer to the music industry.

nikko mimi
Egypt, Nikko, and Mimi
According to Tattletailz,

 The Brooklyn born artist/producer, has worked with 

Grammy Award winner Timbaland, Tamia, Case,Katharine 

Mcfee, Trackmasters, Paula Deanda, Mickey Avalon, 

Testdrive, Danja Handz and several international artist. I 

did myresearch on this guy and his ability to relate and 

move people with his music is amazing. Nikko has been 

blessed by the most high with the gift of writing, arranging, 

composing and teaching music. He is a mastermind; his 

catalog genre includes pop, dance, hip hop and soulful R&B. 

Apparently K. Michelle, who has recently been dissed by 

J.R. Smith is extremely unhappy with this union. She made

that clear when she abruptly, threw roses in Mimi fausts

 face  backstage at one of her shows. 

Theybf reports

Fast forward to Tuesday evening at NY's B.B. King's venue 
where K. Michelle was slated to perform.  Sources say Mimi 
Faust arrived to the concert with her bff Ariane Davis 
(they were there to "support") but ish went LEFT backstage. 
Reports are saying that there was verbal altercation 
backstage which resulted in K. Michelle slapping Mimi in 
the face.
We can only imagine that hearing your "friend" dissed your 
man on the radio and questioned his sexuality must have 
made Mimi feel some kind of way.  But is that what led to 
the altercation?  Only   time...and Mona Scott Young's 
camera crew...know for sure.

photo 1
Nikko photo credit: tattletailz
Now, not only did K.Michelle disrespect both Mimi and her man but she proceeded to conduct an interview with the breakfast club morning show where she further dissed Mimi her man and even Lyfe Jennings. I don't understand this chics plight. Is K.Michelle trying to end her career before she even gets it back off the ground. smdh. One thing for sure is that she is slowly but surely burning bridges with some very important people in the industry.  Lyfe Jennings has made it very clear that he has no desire to be anywhere K.Michelle is. Check out what he had to say via twitter. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-20at92319AM.png

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