Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Did The LAPD Torch Christopher Dorner After A Shootout?

Christopher Dorner photo credit : telegraph

It seems that the search for Christopher Dorner has come to a fatal ending. Apparently, Dorner had been hiding out in a cabin in the mountains after all. Sources are reporting that after an exchange of gunfire with the police; that a nearby cabin where the LAPD alleges Dorner had been occupying over the last several days went up in flames. Human remains have been recovered from the basement of the cabin, and a wallet belonging to Dorner as well. While the LAPD, is uncertain of the human remains identity, video footage released reveals the voices of some LAPD officers screaming and urging the fire to burn.

Bossip Reports,

Police were caught on tape yelling, "Burn that motherf*cker" right before the cabin went up in flames. During Dorner's shoot out with the police, he shot and killed one officer and wounded another. This is one of the most tragic chain of events to date. Here is the footage via Bossip.

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