Friday, March 16, 2012

Willow Smith Goes Green

Source: At first glimpse of this photo, I had to double take. I didn't recognize Willow Smith. Yes, this is the Singer who "Whipped Her Hair " back and forth last year. We'll it seems that she was tired of whipping hair; as it's evident from the pics, she has cut all of her hair off an is now sporting a low green hair cut. Not the average hair cut for an average 11 year old female. I guess that's why she not your average 11 year old girl. Call me crazy but I think that this was a drastic change for anyone let alone a 11 year old girl. Hey, what do I know, she is the daughter of the very rich and illustrious couple, Will Smith and Jada Picket, and I can see them allowing her to express herself even if it means, that she goes green with her hair and H.A.M with her wedge heels. I'm not hater but this look has to grow on me. Big ups to Willow... keep doing your thing. So far, it seems to be working. What do you think? Should an eleven year old be allowed to express himself

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