Thursday, March 22, 2012

Justice For Trayvon Martin

Al Sharpton and many other famous supports lead a rally today in honor of Trayvon Martin. If you guys are wondering who Trayvon Martin is? Let me enlighten you. Trayvon Martin was the seventeen year old Florida teen, that was wrongfully shot to death, shortly after being followed and attacked by racist so called President of the Neighborhood Watch. The factors in this case are nothing less than jaw dropping and stunning. Trayvon Martin who was unarmed at the time of this incident was confronted and approached by this idiot George Zimmerman. Prior to Zimmerman shooting and killing him, Zimmerman was instructed after contacting the police with his bogus story of an intruder, not to approach this individual. Zimmerman ignored Police commands and proceeded to approach and confront Martin, as a matter of fact, you can hear, a racial slur as the call dispatches. As the plot thickens, police didn't arrest nor did they detain, this idiot of a person. Correct me if I'm wrong but, the last time I checked the act of murder just happens to be a crime. Well, maybe not in Sandford, Florida. I'm in complete and utter dismay about this case. Make no mistake a the crime of Murder was committed, and maybe Capital Murder. I may not be Matlock but, I do know that it is against the law to discharge a firearm in an occupied dwelling, at an underage teen, just because he looked suspicious to you. It is unlawful to just follow and individual against their will. Where I'm from there is a term for that kind of psychotic behavior, it is called harassment. Correct me again if I'm wrong but, isn't harassment a crime as well. An to make matters worse this so called rent a cop should've know better than to argue self-defense, oops my bad he doesn't know any better because, he actually used this as his explanation. First off, this fool followed Martin, again I ask, why would you claim self defense, when you were in fact the aggressor. Trayvon was holding a bag of skittles and an Ice Tea when he was shot to death. If you see this Zimmerman fool, he is a big man, why would he even need a gun for a man this size. But clearly, it was not a matter of self-defense. Self defense is defined as a reasonable force used to stop someone from causing you or another victim eminent bodily harm. However self-defense has to be an action that is short of death. Clearly self-defense is a justifiable act and there is nothing justifiable about this incident. He could have prevented this entire ordeal had he not played Policeman after being instructed not to act. Not only is he to blame, but the Sanford Police are a real piece of work. I sit and watched Anderson Cooper via CNN as he questioned the Chief of Sanford Police department, who in fact is another idiot. He never answered any question directly. I don't think anyone in the Sanford Police Department has any education great than that of a 3rd grader. Who ever heard of a Police Force tasks a person into custody, gets a confession for the murder of an unarmed teen, and then allows him to leave without even detaining evidence. They allow him to leave in the same clothing that he had on during the scuffle/shooting. Again,forensics can tell a lot in a murder case. They have allowed him to take the incriminating evidence back with him. My heart goes out to the Martin family. Please sign the petition issued by the Martin family to bring Zimmerman to justice here Justice For Trayvon Martin:

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