Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Racist Comment Left On My Squidoo Lens "Justice For Trayvon Martin"

Can you imagine what I felt after viewing this racist comment on my squidoo lens when I awoke early this morning.  In light of the Trayvon Martin case,  I created a squidoo lens that pays homage to Trayvon Martin, and his supporters. This lens simply expressed my views, and shared facts surrounding the Trayvon Martin murder case. This is perhaps one of the worst cases of racism ever to be expressed. Above you see a snapshot of my comments portion on the squidoo lens, @http://www.squidoo.com/justice-for-trayvon-martin2. The comment was left by some individual who seems to have masked himself as Zimmermanforpresident2012.

 His comment reads, " Thank God For Zimmerman! Cleaning up the gene pool one worthless nigger at a time!".

This type of comment says a lot about both this character and his beliefs. This negative connotation, as negative and derogatory as it is, speaks volumes about the murder of Trayvon Martin.  This commenter, as ignorant as he may be has already furthered the very same argument that we as a nation have expressed;  the argument that Trayvon Martin was murdered because he was black, plain and simple.

 He is as racist as it comes, and nothing makes him happier than being able to witness, this senseless act of murdered preyed upon this poor black kid.  He has expressed that he supports Zimmerman killing this young black kid for no reason at all because, he was black.   Initially, I was going to delete this comment but, I decided not to because, this is the classic behavior of a racist. It is evident that it is not important to a racist individual, whether a Trayvon Martin committed a crime or not; the only matter of importance to a racist, is that a black individual is punished for being just that.  It's sad but true.  

You can view the entire lens and this racist comment @ Justice For Trayvon Martin

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  1. This is very sad that in 2012 this mindset is still very much alive. In other words, "racism is alive and well in the United States." A quick question--as a fellow Squid, I'd like to know if you contacted Squidoo to let them know that this vile language breaks their TOS? I ask because I am thinking about leaving Squidoo and would like to send them an email about some of my concerns. But, I've heard they do not respond to complaints. My situation concerns a locked lens and how their redirect link sends viewers to possible character assassination info. Not sure if any of your lens have been locked, or if you know of others who have had their lens locked---but just want to let others know that if you've shared that lens (prior to locking) on Facebook, Pininterest, Twitter, or Google+, if a viewer clicks on the link after it's locked they will get this type of message which reroutes them to click on other lens because the lensmaster has done something wrong.
    In my case, my lens was locked while in progress. I published it to FB, Twitter, and the other two social networks and not allowed to edit it at all. I made the mistake of posting the lyrics of a song along with the video. Their filter picked it up and an automatic lock. Also,are you pleased with your earnings? Thanks for your comments.
    Oh, the only way I happened to see the message that viewers see when clicking from one of the social networks I accessed it from my husbands computer without signing in to Squidoo. If you're signed in --a different message shows.


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