Friday, October 26, 2012

WTF.... California Man Hangs Obama Effigy (Doll)

Photo of Obama Effigy(Doll) photo credit: Global Grind
What Is This World Coming To?- Another idiotic episode targets President Obama.  A california resident reported a neighbor with a hanging Obama Doll dangling from a tree in his front yard. Apparently, neighbors took offense to this insane gesture an resulted to reporting it. Nevertheless, this ignorant tactic is being addressed by the perpertraitor as a " harmless halloween gesture", blown way out of porportion. However, it is well within reason to believe that an  image of anyone being hung, was never done with  good intentions. I wonder if the secret service, is willing to chalk this up to being a harmless halloween prank.  Check out the video footage.

According to Global

A homeowner in Southern California got a visit from the Secret Service earlier this week, after he hung a depiction of President Obama from a tree in his front yard.
Neighbors of Eddie Million complained that the effigy of the President hanging from a noose was disturbing and disrespectful, while another man told reporters that the decoration was racially offensive due to the nation's history of lynching Black men.

Million explained that the effigy was meant to be "something spooky" and a harmless Halloween decoration. He told reporters, “This is just a misunderstanding. This is getting all blown out of proportion. It’s down. It’s gone. We didn’t want to hurt the president. It was just for a party.”
Nonetheless, Secret Service took the matter more seriously and paid him a visit to deliver a stern warning. “They said that [incident] could have been construed as a threat to the president,” said Million. “They said my name is going to be on file. They said they’re just going to make a note…”
Million admits that putting up the noose was a "bad" idea that he regrets.   
Was this a harmless Halloween prop, or does this type of imagery have a deeper meaning.

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