Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rihanna Dresses As Weed For Halloween....

Rihanna Goes All In For Halloween... As Mary Jane ( Weed)

Rihanna Dresses As Weed For Halloween photo credit: Necolebitchie

Rihanna, Shaniece and Evelyn Lozada
Rihanna poses, with Shaniece( Evelyn Lozada's Daughter) and Evelyn Lozada
Rihanna's halloween costume this year 2012 tops, them all.  Apparently, our "Good Girl Gone Bad", decided to express her love for kush, by way of costume. Rihanna decided to dressup this halloween as Mary Jane (weed), itself.  Rih-Rih is definitely a trend setter, and I have to give it to her, this idea was definitely original.  It's no secret, Rihanna loves her weed; this is evident, as she has been captured in many photos smoking, and partying.  Recently, Rihanna selected a blunt full of diamonds as official album cover for her latest single, Diamonds . Check out her album cover below.

Rihanna's love for this illegal plant seems to be unconditional, as she is shown partaking in some illegal festivities  time and time again.  Check out some of her photos most popular weed photos.

Rihanna shown partaking in one of her favorite festivities.

Rihanna Smoking Marijuana

Rihanna poses with Snoop Dog, and Warren G., as she poses with a blunt, at Coachella.

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