Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rihanna's Selects A Blunt Full Of Diamonds As Her Album Cover

rihanna diamonds album art

When it comes to controversy, Rihanna is no stranger. Apparently, Rih-Rih has decided to feature the above photo as her album art for her latest single "Diamonds". The album coverfeatures what appears to be Rih-Rih's hands rolling a blunt full of diamonds. When it comes weed, Rihanna is surely no stranger, as she has chosen to highlight her hobby on the regular.Rihanna likes weed so much that she selected a blunt full of diamonds as her album cover. It has been no secret that Rihanna loves weed, after all she is an island girl. Check out some of Rihanna's smoking weed, photos here.

Rihanna smoking weed in Hawai photo credit: TouchFM

Rihanna caught smoking weed again photo credit: ThatGrapeJuice

Rihanna Smoking Marijuana
Rihanna is captured here with Snoop Dog and Warren G at Coachella

We'll Rih-Rih certainly exercises her rights to live, young, wild and free. She is hilarious. I ain't mad at you Rih- Rih do you. Stay fabulous Rih-Rih. lol

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