Monday, September 17, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's Mom, (Dina Lohan) Is Wasted During Dr. Phil's Interview

Dina Lohan( Lindsay Lohan's Mom ) on the set of Dr.Phil photo credit:  

Lindsay Lohan's Mom was once referred to as the world's worst Mom, and after watching this Dr. Phil interview, most of america is sure to agree. For starters, Dina Lohan is drunk and belligerent throughout the duration of this interview. She goes on a drunken rant about the way you people have painted her to out to be this monster. I think this is ridiculous because, this is the type of behavior that has continuously plagued her daughter for so long. One would think that she would've, at least sense enough to conduct an interview sober.  Lindsay sure has my sympathy, as the old saying holds truth, "Like Mother, Like Dauhter". It's seemed that Lindsay never had much of a chance with the parental units, that she was born unto. Yes,  Dina you still hold the title as World's Worst Mom, and this video acts as proof. Dina should run and jump head first, into the first rehab clinic in site. Poor, Lindsay, she is just a victim of circumstance. 

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