Friday, September 21, 2012

Is Ciara Speaking To 50 Cent In Her New Single "Sorry"

mcw85h Ciara Denies Dating 50 Cent, “He’s My Best Friend
Ciara and 50 Cent photo credit: urbanislandz

Songstress Ciara is back, with a new heartfelt hit. Ironically enough, the song is entitled, "Sorry".  The songs title "sorry"  has managed to create quite a buzz with fans, and celebrity peers. Of course it seems that Ciara had great inspiration behind the debuted single "Sorry". Weeks before Ci-Ci dropped this  single, she penned a letter via instagram. Rumor has it that the letter was written to Amare' Stoudemire after Ciara was allegedly dating him. Oddly enough, a photo surfaced of Amare' Stoudemire proposing to his baby mama of three kids, in a disclosed location in Paris. However, it seems that nothing could be further from the truth, as it seems that 50 Cent seems to be the muse behind this one. 
Ciara pens letter via Instagram

However, it seems that now the writings on the wall, as Ciara and 50 Cent, had it out on twitter a few months ago, when 50 Cent jokingly called Ciara the B word. Ciara, tweets U.N.I.T.Y, "who you callin a b****. Now, of course fans went crazy as the all out battle of tweets ended finally when 50 Cent advised Ciara to have  a sense of humor.  Fast forward to 50 Cents relationship with E!'s Chelsea Handler. More drama unfolded as Chelsea Handler pretty much referred to Ciara as the reasoning behind the breakup between her and 50.  While,  Ciara has never admitted that her and 50 Cent were ever an item, it seems that Ciara's "sorry"  letter was subliminally messaging none other than Curtis "50 Cent " Jackson;  and when Ciara debuted her video on 106th and Park for a song that she coincidentally entitled " Sorry". 50 Cent so candidly apologized to Ciara, as he tweeted, Ok, Im Sorry to Ciara.

Tell me what do you think. Is Ciara and 50 Cent romantically involved? Checkout Ciara's heartfelt video for the new single, "Sorry".

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