Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rick Ross And Young Jeezy Beef Hits The Fan At BET's Hip Hop Awards

Rick Ross and Young Jeezy photo credit: xxlmag

Uh Oh, Young Jeezy, and Rick Ross' beef finally escalates into a scuffle. Unfortunately, the scuffle disrupted BET's Hip Hop Awards Show "12". Now for a little over a year, it has been rumored that Rick Ross and Young Jeezy were beefing. Neither one of the rapper's would openly embrace the beefing rumor. However, there were several interviews conducted by the rappers that suggested differently. Finally, it all hit the fan recently, back stage at BET's Hip Hop Awards.

NecoleBitchie reports,

Unfortunately, last night, during the BET Hip Hop Awards, both Ross & Jeezy were involved in an altercation that almost threatened to shut the show down when the two came face to face backstage.  According to DJ Drama, (who was on his way out of the building to host his radio show),  both artists were walking in the corridor backstage when the two stopped next to each other and exchanged a few words. He told his listeners on air:
Some words got exchanged. There were some ‘What’s ups’. Security got hostile. [There was] some interesting conflict between Ross and Jeezy and it just went bad backstage. I’m assuming that there is no way BET thought that these guys were gonna run into each other. Definitely not.  All parties walked away unscathed that’s for sure. One party went one way, one party went the other. All this stuff about shots getting fired. I can’t confirm any of that. I left.
According to the Atlanta Police Department, they responded to an altercation in the parking lot between two groups and used OC Spray to break up the melee. There were no arrests or reports of serious injuries and they claimed that reports of gunfire appeared to be untrue.  (Depending on who you ask, someone from Rick Ross’ entourage allegedly fired some shots).
Interesting enough, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy have pretty much stayed clear of each other since their beef started gaining momentum back in 2010.  It all started when Rick Ross released the ‘BMF [Blowing Money Fast]‘ record which made Jeezy feel some type of way since he was close to BMF [Black Mafia Family]. He later released a track titled ‘Death B4 Dishonor’ (a freestyle over Ross’ BMF beat) which contained the line, “How you Blowin’ Money Fast?/ You don’t know the crew/ Oh, you part of the fam?/ Sh–, I never knew.”

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